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We turn your ideas into reality, developing and conceiving moulds which will allow you to transform products according to your needs.

Our services depend on our clients. Therefore in Madaleno we believe each case is a case for itself

We study each situation together with our client trying to meet its needs and successfully conceive and develop the ideal mould, with the best quality for the several and desired applications.

We ask our clients to think or idealize and we will conceive, to give the wished use to the mould. We are always willing to give assistance whenever necessary.

All project study and development politics is made in partnership between our Commercial Department, Project Department and the Client.

We make the analysis of the project viability and we draw up the according quotation which is sent to the client with a description of the project's costs.

It is also our concern that when we conceive a mould, a moulding's planning is delivered to the client. Weekly we specify every steps planned for that week and up to the settled date for the moulding's delivery to the client.

This way, we try to keep our client informed on the development of the project. This kind of procedure allows the client to follow very closely the project and also to know what kind of work is being done.

The moulds built at Madaleno Lda. have at its disposal Injection Machines set available by its associate Tecimplás - Indústria de Plásticos de Aveiro, Lda. The moulds witch overcome our Injection Machines capacity, are tested at a company with which we have a partnership for several years.

We know we act in a market with a high level of demand. We try to face this demand with professionalism through systematization and documentation of several activities.

We give a special focus on the feedback with the client, the technology used in the process, in the qualification of our technicians and in razing up the levels of quality used in the process. We know these are some of the decisive factors to continuously improve the quality of the service.

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